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Communication Table of Contents Definition of Communication 3 Verbal Communication 5 Non-verbal Communication 6 Relationship and Communication 7 Conclusion 9 References 10 Introduction Communication plays a crucial role in human life. Through the assistance of communication, individuals can intermingle with others and contribute for the improvement of their relationship and also to their personal skills.


Definition of Communication Communication is defined as “a process of sharing facts, ideas, opinion thoughts and information through speech, writing, gesture or symbol between two or more person” (Business Studies, n.d). But in general point of view, communication is the procedure of interacting with peers. The procedure of communication enables sharing of ideas, thoughts and feeling. Every day human beings interact with their families and friends that provide them with significant opportunities to share their feelings, perceptions, desires and other personal with other but it would have been impossible without communication. Hence, it can be stated that communication is one of the most apparent and essential processes and is integral to the human life (Buffalo State University, n.d.). Figure: Communication Process Source: (Samovar, 2009) Process of communication consists of four major components, i.e. sender, message, receiver, and feedback which are processed through verbal and non-verbal means. ...
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