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Essay example - Julian Assange and his impacts on the communication processes and politics in the globalised world

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Journalism & Communication
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Julian Assange and his impacts on the communication processes and politics in the globalised world Julian Asange: Personal and professional history Julian Assange was known only as an “Australian moderator of the Legal Aspects of Computer Crime mailing list and a researcher who has written extensively about hackers” in the beginning of this century, that is, before he became a controversial celebrity who all know of (Kick, 2001)…

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The seemingly sudden rise into fame of this Australian individual has a socio-political context and a corresponding history. The way his actions have impacted the communication processes and the politics in the globalised world is a topic that has international implications. The geo-politics of his physical location to the ideological underpinnings of his intellectual landscape that he has extended to others through the internet represent a whole new world of possibilities- in communication, freedom and democracy. Julian Assange has been a hacker since when the first generation of computer hackers started rewriting the laws of internet communication (Manne, 2011a, p.194; Manne, 05 March, 2011b). In the book, Underground, written by Suelette Dreyfus, and for which Assange worked as a researcher, a hacker named Mendax was featured and this hacker really was none other than Assange himself (Manne, 2011a, p.197). It was in 1988, that Assange became a hacker (Manne, 2011a, p.197). He formed a group called International Subversives along with two other hackers (Manne, 2011a, p.197). ...
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