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Fire fighters’ Campaign Plan Name Institution Memorandum of Transmittal To: The Chief Officer – CIFSD From: A.N Consultant – Director of Public Relations Date: 19th September 2011 Subject: Fire Fighters’ Campaign Plan This memorandum serves to inform you or the progress of our plans for a public relations campaign.


Additionally, the interest among females is almost non-existent as is obvious from the current numbers enlisted and the number of application received over the past few years. This proposal includes a situational analysis of the organisation, the target audience of the campaign, the strategies to be employed, the communication tactics that will be employed, a schedule of activities, a budget indicating how much will be spent, information on the source of the funds and evaluation plans. The campaign is guided by the services provided by the fire service which includes domestic and aerodrome rescue, fire fighting services and fire prevention. The slogan of the campaign is “Giving Service to Community” and the symbol is that of trust. Executive Summary The Problem The Cayman Island Fire Service Department (CIFSD) has seen a decline in the interest and awareness of the role it plays in the Cayman Islands. This is seen in the relative interest shown by native Caymanians and women generally in careers in fire fighting. Program Goal The aim of this campaign is to generate interest in the fire service and to see tangible results by way of an increase in applications leading to subsequent enrolments. ...
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