Book Review: Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives

Book Review: Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives Essay example
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Book Review: Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives
Justification for Selection of the Book
Education is based on a sort of methodology that conveys ideas and facts to the humans in a holistic and systematic way.


The communication systems and methods between an educator and a learner may show either individual specific uniqueness or community oriented generalization or both. Multicultural education thus becomes an important ally of communication sciences. It deals with handling pupils from different ethnicities, linguistic groups, social strata, etc. Hence, selecting a book with the title Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives (Banks and McGee-Banks, 2006) arises hope for a very relevant and useful review that can both enhance theoretical and practical knowledge and provide us with a pathway to study extended and relevant matter. The book does not follow any single line of thought since it contains contributions from various authors, who have significant scholastic knowledge in the field of multicultural communication and have been excellent communicators themselves.
Thesis and Major Promise
The main thesis of the book is that if the various explanations, concepts, and paradigms of educational practices involved in teaching in linguistically, culturally, and racially diversified classrooms are collected from the top scholars in the filed and presented in a lucid, systematic way, the reader will acquire considerable insight of modern practical teaching. ...
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