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Book Review Student Name: Instructor name: Unit Name: Introduction First Amendment is part of the bill of rights in United States. According to, Allen& Jensen (1995) Pg 5-8, the amendment prohibits making of any laws in respect to religion, abridge the freedom of speech, impend free exercise of religion, prohibit governmental petition of grievances and right to assemble.


Allen& Jensen (1995) Pg 5-8, claim that freedom of speech is not supreme in any country and is subject to restrictions such as slander, libel, incitement or obscenity. In this regard, this paper aims to review a book that deals with the First Amendment and some aspects of freedom of expression, the overarching themes and key points made in the chapter, as well response grounded on what I have learned this far about free expression. In addition, I will also explain some of concerns and questions raised by the material. In chapter 3 of Allen & Jensen (1995), pg 11-16 it talks about the first amendment of the United States in terms of the prohibiting the federal, municipal or state to establish religion or have a preference for one religion over another. Subsequently, this law has been interpreted differently in the American history, for example, some say that it separates church and state, in addition to preventing the government from establishing a church. Additionally, it explains that as long the freedom of religion law does not target a particular religion, then it does not violate the Clause Free Exercise. The congress is also said to have passed an Act called the Religious Freedom Restoration, in which it aimed to restore the standard of religion interest, also known as “Compelling Interest”. ...
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