Research Paper sample - Research Project "How do Australian magazine advertisements portray the feminine ideal for teenagers?"

Research Project "How do Australian magazine advertisements portray the feminine ideal for teenagers?" Research Paper example
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Research Project How do Australian magazine advertisement portray the feminine ideal for teenagers. Table of content: How do Australian magazine advertisements portray the feminine ideal for teenagers? Introduction Freedom of expression is the hallmark of this age…


The preeminent impact and effect of verbal, written and visual communications can be witnessed in almost every social phenomenon. Discussing the overwhelming impact of communication on society Dalziel (2002, p.45) states, “Communication, depends on the creation as well as the transmission of symbols. We know that symbols are created in forms whose effects are determined by the principles of art and rhetoric as well as by the effect of religion, society, God or the state.” Problem Statement The major issue with the advertisements and other short forms of visual communications is thatdespite of their vivid message communication capability, they are harder to be generalized. These generalizations and image descriptions are especially useful for the people who do not have profound domain knowledge and have some basic understanding of the concepts employed and represented through these images. The research is designed to take input from a population of young people aging between 18 and 23 and will present results in a more generalized format based on theoretical and analytical studies on the issue. ...
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