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Cultural diversity in the media “Diversity has been written into the DNA of American life; any institution that lacks a rainbow array has come to seem diminished, if not diseased”. Joe Klein, 2006 Introduction: The advancements in technology, the rise of the internet phenomenon, and the world-wide transformations brought about by the onset of globalization has led various societies across the globe, to experience an influx of information through various channels via popular media.


Today, the popular mass media is abuzz with the depiction of diverse cultures, part of which is due to the blurring of geographical boundaries and the increasing socio-cultural changes in terms of population mix, on the other hand, it is due to the historical foundations which have influenced the representation of such cultural diversity in popular media. This paper on ‘Cultural diversity in the media’ aims to discuss, analyze and assess the various causes, trends, historical background, and consequences of cultural diversity in the mass media and at the same time discuss various other key aspects such as the depiction of Afro-Caribbean people in the media, the issue of stereotypes, a brief overview of history of Britain and its association with the European Union and its impact on the cultural representation in the media etc. ...
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