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design a factory

The report reflects a very significant aspect of industrial engineering advancement. The research is tied around dyeing and molding methods used by industries to reduce production and change over time between productions of different parts. The parts under consideration over here are car bumpers of two cars, namely Toyota and Nissan UK. A hypothetical factory will be explained which works on the Just-In-Time principle to produce and deliver car bumpers to production line of the said companies in the UK. MOLDING AND DYEING First, let us start with the building block of this review paper. Mould or molding is the initial way or increasing production rate in factory. This is not the sole reason but a part of the reason. The process of molding can be defined as the process of shaping raw material using different means, which have been developed over the years in industrial revolutions and beyond by experimentation and innovation. The caste is the second term which has to be explained. Coming towards the role of the mould or the caste. It is, in simple terms, a hollow shape of the actual part, which has to be produced or manufactured. The raw material, with proper heating and other scientific methods, is poured into the caste, which in terms forms the desired part. ...
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Various car companies employ different methods to keep their dominant presence in their respective markets. Industrial manufacturing has undergone a constant development since the invention of machines and different discoveries of machining methodology…
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