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RUNNING HEAD: ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATION Name: Institution: Date: Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Introduction: Communication entails the transfer of messages through symbols in such a way that the message being conveyed will be understood. It refers to the practice of transmitting information, feelings, views, ideas and strategy between and among various levels and departments of an organization or to the public.


Effective communication in this case requires message, a sender, a recipient, codes to help in encoding the message, and a means of transmitting the message. If passed on well information contained in communication will encourage and promote good relations between people and entities. This therefore emphasizes the need for effective communication if the businesses are to prosper as well as have a good flow of information within the out of their confines. One of the characteristics of effective communication is the absence of conflict in response or reaction as has been captured perfectly by Katherine Miller (2008). When we talk of organizational communication, we essentially refer to the way in which companies, associations or groupings communicate with their employees, clientele as well as how departments interrelate with each other. It is also encompasses the relationship between a business and its environment, a process that enables the organization to relate with its surrounding in order to serve them with finesse (Carsten, & De Dreu, 2007). ...
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