Higher ratings and wider range of the audience

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Higher ratings and wider range of the audience Korean Broadcasting Company called MBC 04/28/2011 prepared by: Sungeun Hong prepared for: Taeho Kim Assistant Director Coordinating Director I. Summary This paper intends to show to the readers the importance of improvement and innovations especially in the Broadcasting Company.


The research conducted gave 3 options to resolve the problem and that is where the paper will be concentrating on. There are 3 improvements that need to be done, networks, co-host, and the script of the show. This paper identifies a number of successful shows of MBC aired locally and globally. Also, this paper sight some of the number of shows that succeeded way back in 1994 up to the present to prove the importance of the viable mentioned. Korean celebrities are also highlighted as regards to their exposure around the globe to show the importance of efficiency among host or actresses with the respective shows they are involve. Conclusion and recommendations are also given which could be of help facing and resolving the given problem. II. Introduction MBC (Munwha Broadcasting company), whose largest shareholder is the foundation for broadcast Culture is a public broadcaster, public organization. It is a corporation which has an operational basis on advertising revenue. The new late night show program has been aired for three months now but still suffers from low ratings. At first, we had high ratings because our program is officially the first late night show that directed and produced similarly to an American late-night show but then ratings went down from 16% to 7% during last three months. ...
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