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Homer was the son of Epikaste and Telemachus and born around 8th or 9th century B.C. Not much information is available about him. Many people think that he was blind but at the same time he was a great story teller.


Many people think that he was blind but at the same time he was a great story teller. His place of abode is also not clear. However based on the dialect and the description of the poems written by him, it can be concluded that he lived in Ionia. Body As we think of the work of the so called “blind poet” Homer, especially with reference to Ancient Greece, the first impression that we get is the lovely epic poems Iliad and Odyssey. ( Rubino 1983)There is a dispute on whether Homer wrote these poems on his own, or was it a combined effort of people living in that era. In any case, these poems were an extremely vital part of the Greek culture prevailing at that point of time, coinciding with the Trojan War. There is a great controversy about the original write of the epics but evidence shows that the style adopted in writing Odyssey was consistent and flow of thought was uniform. Hence the assumption that it is written by several authors proves to be false one. The style of both Iliad and Odyssey is also different, which leads people to believe that they were written by different people. Another school of thought says that both were written by Homer only, the only difference being that Iliad was written when he was young and Odyssey was written when he was old. Therefore, the style seems to be different. The manner in which such long poems were composed is the subject matter of debate. ...
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