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To examine how consumers react to print advertisements on second hand cars that have been labeled as offensive Student Name Institution Name Date of Submission Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Purpose 3 Design/methodology/approach 3 Findings 3 Introduction 4 Problem Statement 4 Scope 4 Ethics in Advertising 5 History of Offensive Advertising 6 The Alleged Offensiveness of Advertising 6 The Dale Wurfel Second-hand Cars Advertisement 7 After reading wide on the theory of advertising and what the society considers as offensive, I set off to do a survey using Dale Wurfel Used Vehicles…


But do you really care?” Well, used car owners may not care about buying a used car but I’m sure many women will care that they are being objectified in order to sell used cars. The two images are displayed below. 7 8 8 Research methodology 9 Participants 9 Measurements of constructs 9 Research Findings and Conclusion 11 Recommendations 12 Executive Summary Purpose To examine how consumers react to print advertisements on second hand cars that have been labeled as offensive. I also compare the dimensions of consumer perceptions for different respondents and how consumer perceptions are related with intentions to reject the products and the brands because of the ads. Design/methodology/approach A survey of 25 respondents aged 17 to 58 from Strathoy, Ontario where the used Dale Wurfel dealership is located. A questionnaire with two ads containing sexism and other themes was constructed. Data were collected through the neighborhood. Findings Findings on perceptions of the offensive advertisements among the respondents were mixed. ...
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