Chapter 1 of dissertation on building level principals' knowledge of special education law

Chapter 1 of dissertation on building level principals
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CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION Introduction to the Problem A quick glance of statistics on students with disability may lead to a swift generalization that they have been emancipated from their plight to obtain education side-by-side with other students. Church and Glaaser (2010) noted that more and more students with disability are now benefitting from special education services being offered in various schools.


Sometimes, however, numbers do not necessarily reflect the whole story. Qualifying for eligibility for education under the provisions of IDEA entails two parts: first, the disability identified is defined under the provisions of IDEA, and second, if the individual with disability requires special education and related services in order to benefit from education. Apart from qualification, school administrators provide decisions to multitudes of issues pertaining to the rights of students with disability and the technicalities and legal aspects of special education law. For example, deciding whether to keep students with disability in the mainstream or with regular students, or to transfer them to special education classes, will not be an easy one for a principal without a working knowledge of special education law. In Pennsylvania, Andren (2010) reported of such a case involving a student afflicted with Down Syndrome. In the same report, Zirkel (as cited in Andren, 2010) revealed that due process hearings had been on the rise over the past 20 years in the state. ...
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