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The Noble Truths refer to essential realizations Siddhartha Guatama is believed to have attained on his path towards spiritual enlightenment. They demonstrate a spiritual concern with the resistance of material longing, the cessation of suffering, and how to apply Siddhartha’s teachings to help achieve the highest good. This essay examines the highest good humans can achieve in regards to Buddhist thought and considers whether I agree with this as an ideal. Buddhist philosophy argues in that in achieving the highest good individuals should accept suffering as an indelible part of the human condition (Humpherys 53). Buddhism argues that the positive value of life isn’t diminished by the truth of suffering, but by acceptance of life’s evanescence the human attains a higher degree of good (Davids 165). The Buddhist path to enlightenment has an answer to the problem of suffering. The Buddha found that when we experience happiness and joy, it is our spiritual duty to objectively remove ourselves from these experiences and become consciously aware of their impermanence. Buddhist philosophy contends that the human experience of joy and happiness is merely a reaction to a circumstance and not a permanent mental state. ...
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Buddhism Buddhism, along with Western Christianity and Islam, represents one of the major world religions. In considering the nature of this ancient religion, there are a complex and diverse variety of philosophical elements related to its internal religious tenants…
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