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5.1 Conclusion With the aim to recommend the appropriate marketing strategy for the UK universities following the global recession, four objectives were set out in the first chapter. In the past, even during the Asian financial crisis, student inflow in the UK had decreased while Australia had gained in the process.


The study adopted a qualitative approach through which both primary and secondary data were collected. Quality interview of one executive at the college was conducted and data from the students were collected through survey questionnaires. The role of the researcher was restricted to a participant observer. Secondary data has been obtained through extensive research on the academic libraries. The first objective was to evaluate the current international marketing strategy adopted by universities globally. The study finds that the education sector does not follow the traditional marketing framework. The students are different from customers and the HEIs are different from consumer products. The HE products are intangible which restrict the application of the marketing principles. Consequently the marketing mix and the targeting and positioning also differ. The marketing principle suggests that all marketing activities should be geared towards what the consumer wants. The consumer should attain the different levels of benefits from the marketing efforts of the organization. Thus, the HEIs now go in for accreditation, which enhances the image of the institution. Students are more concerned with the image and reputation of the university and they seek reviews from past students before they make their decision. ...
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