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Digital Storytelling with

The uses of nuclear energy begin with being able to produce energy for basic electricity to technological need. This happens with fission of heat and water that produces steam (change from pic 5 – 6). As this occurs, energy is created that can move into a generator (change from pic 6-7 +8 – stats & world use). Currently, this process is able to supply 6% of the world’s energy, 13 – 14 % of the world’s electricity and 50% of nuclear generated electricity. (change pic from 8 - 9 – economic stats). The use of nuclear energy has now reached to an average of $18 billion in worth through the current use (World Nuclear Association, 2007: p. 1). Soundtrack: Technologic by Daft Punk Effects: Fade in, Fade Out, Ease in, Ease in, Ease out Transitions: Reveal right, Reveal left, Wipe wide down, wipe wide down Voiceover: (change from pic 9 – 10). The known uses of nuclear energy are supplied for both the economic needs and the electrical needs. The development has also expanded in recent years because of the ability to generate electricity in different forms. (change from pic 10 – 11). Nuclear reactor technology, which releases kinetic energy, for instance, is most often used to create a fusion for submarines. (change from pic 11 – 12). ...Show more


Images Effects: Fade in, Ease in, Fade out, black, Fade out black, Fade out black Transitions: Dissolve, Wipe wide right, Wipe wide right Voiceover: Nuclear energy is now considered a daily component of our needs for living. (change pic from 1 – 2). It supplies us with electricity and supports technology…
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