The Transformation Model of Comminication: Language and Meanings

The Transformation Model of Comminication: Language and Meanings  Essay example
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Name Professor Subject Date The transformation model of communication, in contrast to the transmission model, speaks to the factors that influence the formation of the message, the influence of the medium in which it is expressed, and the understanding of the message by the recipient.


Communication is powerful means of conveying ideas, feelings, perspectives and beliefs using language, symbols, images, graphs and recently advanced too by multimedia to persuade people into action, to define market relations and to present reality in a mediated structure. But how do words work as content within interactive dynamics of social reality? This essay aims to explore the transformative elements or variables of the communicative process. Language and Meanings Mass media use language as tools in the process of interaction to communicate social reality. The kind of words being used, the manner of communication and the visual side of this interaction influences the transformation. Listeners, readers and viewers ought to know these variables in the construction of these messages to intelligently comprehend its textual and non-textual meanings. Words and symbols, depending on its usage and context, have its own meanings and are susceptible to various interpretations. What does it meant for you? What is it trying to convey for others? This is otherwise known as the process of signification which pave toward shared understanding of the text. Languages with indeterminate representations certainly convey varied meanings. ...
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