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#1: What does Harries mean by “multiplying the self?” Harries means that due to all the Internet media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and other similar web pages, regular individuals can use this medium to ‘multiplying the self’ in order to promote their personal agenda.


Even when portraying themselves realistically the person’s self is made available to many. The ‘multiplying of self’ is mass producing their image and personality on the Internet. #2: Make your own modern/post-modern list, with at least 6 terms in each category. a. Avant-guard postmodernism-Avant-garde is the postmodernism movement that includes marginalized artists, writers, composers, and thinkers whose mediums are in direct opposition mainstream mediums. These individuals often are subversive to social order and often have a political agenda. The aesthetic aspects are often more important than functionality. b. Deconstructionist postmodernism- Deconstruction is to break down a piece of art, architecture, or other medium. This is to expose assumptions and ideas behind the medium. The artist takes their work or anything and shows that it can be seen in a different light. An example is an artist taking broken glass, pottery, and other pieces of plastic to make a fountain or house. Deconstructionists take things apart and reassemble them to produce something new. c. Pessimistic critical postmodernism-These artists are suspicious of any type of mainstream ideas or even postmodernism art. They try to go against what is normal or already built to prove that new ways of building can be accomplished. d. Celebratory postmodernism-This movement celebrates postmodernism. ...
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