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Essay example - Sex as a Tool for Human Transformation

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Journalism & Communication
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Nobel Prize winner Kenzaburo Oe’s novel, “A personal Matter,” is not about a malformed child, but it is in fact the saga about Bird, the child’s father who lives a life, mired in selfishness. The scapegoat of a failed marriage, he shirks his responsibilities and lives in a dream world, ignoring the realities of life. …

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Bird is indifferent to the child and his feelings towards the child changes when he comes to know that the child would not live longer. He does not want to waste his money on unsuccessful operations. The novel opens with Bird’s dream of escaping to Africa in order to get away from the ties of the domestic life. He avoids his responsibilities, indulging in alcohol. He seems to have been dominated by his wife and mother in law, and this is one reason for the dent in his character. Like a bird, he keeps flying away from the realities of life and lives in an Utopian world, ignoring his responsibilities. This shows how still he thinks he is a boy and immature even if he is twenty seven years old. He is a selfish character and is caught up in his own misery and he feels like he is stuck up in his earlier childhood days. He is married but he does not show the maturity of an adult. He thinks that he is still in his teenage and maintains his relation with his old girl friend Himiko. He often engages in sexual relations with his girl friend, but even this relation is a means to escape In the beginning of the novel Bird’s journey is through his own “personal wasteland” (Napier 90). But towards the end of the novel, the character is matured both emotionally and psychologically and it could be taken as a journey from immaturity to maturity in different aspects of life.
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