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Student’s name Course name and number Interpersonal Communication in Relationship Instructor’s name Date submitted Interpersonal Communication in Relationship Dear John and Vivian, I am so happy to have learned from our colleagues in school that you have been recently engaged.


So far, the course has provided vast amounts of information that would assist in improving interpersonal relationships through the right application of communication theories and approaches. I would be structuring my advice in five sections: the principles and misconceptions in effective interpersonal communications; barriers to effective interpersonal interactions; the process of developing and maintaining self-concept; assessing your personal communications and improving communication competencies; and finally, developing strategies for active, critical and emphatic listening. I am sure that although this letter is lengthy, the information contained herein is validated from significant findings sources from researches on the subject by authoritative practitioners in the field. Principles and Misconceptions in Effective Interpersonal Communications Effective interpersonal communications must address issues that lead to misconceptions on communication. ...
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