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Figurative Language: The Pastel of Verbal Communication Name Student # Name of Professor Course Title Date of Submission Word count: 757 Individuals usually use figurative language to articulate their emotions verbally. When a person recount his/her most memorable moment, incongruity, metonym, and figures of speech usually dominate his/her story (Walch Publishing 2007).


Moreover, figurative language is exceptional for the ability it gives speakers to induce desired emotions in other people. Gaining knowledge of the function of figurative language in affective communication necessitates understanding of the interpersonal processes of everyday interaction. Individuals express themselves figuratively for purposes of civility, to escape liability for the introduction of what is conveyed, to articulate insights that are hard to communicate employing exact language, and to articulate ideas in a dense and vibrant way (Jacques 2006). Hence, figurative language is employed to articulate and induce emotions in numerous forms of conversational contexts. Politics is an excellent domain to view how figurative language may be used particularly to induce specific emotions (Jacques 2006), which may consequently affect an individual’s perception about several issues. Politicians are prominent, or controversial, for their application of figurative language to stir up emotions. Take for instance the deliberation that occurred in 1991 in the U.S. Senate over whether the nation should intervene militarily against Iraq for its attack on Kuwait (Sadri & Flammia 2011). ...
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