Marketing project: Reinforcing and breaking of stereotypical image of a certain category of people

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Your F. Name Professor Name Course Name 9 December 2011 Advertising: Breaking and Reinforcing Stereotypes The media constantly reinforces stereotypes of people's appearance whether it be through television shows, advertising including print, online and television commercials, music, news, and other methods.


It is for reasons like this that newspapers are designed around print advertising, having to have a certain ratio of advertising to white space to be filled with copy. It is another reason that certain sponsors want to be associated with certain corporate events, particularly sporting. It is a known fact that the Super Bowl commercials are the most expensive to purchase for the air time due to the amount of people that are viewing. In a way, our media is defined by the advertising that surrounds it. Different forms of advertising are found in different mediums depending on their demographic to make them more effective. For example, you never see women's perfume advertised in a sports magazine. Likewise, there are typically beer commercials on during sporting events and there are toy commercials on during the Saturday morning cartoon time frame. It is all about hitting the target market and determining who the consumers are and presenting the products in some of the most appealing ways to make them sell. Unfortunately, the stereotypes presented in the media, particularly in advertising, create a schema in a person's mind. If you wear Brittney Spears' fragrance, you too may feel hot and sexy. ...
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