The Future of the Magazine Business: Looming Uncertainty?

The Future of the Magazine Business: Looming Uncertainty? Essay example
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The future of the Magazine business: Looming Uncertainty? With a flurry of social networking sites which are adding subscribers by the millions every month, the general impression is that everyone who matters has migrated to the internet and its myriad social platforms.


However, reality may lie elsewhere. It is an interesting exercise to probe and attempt to extricate facts on this topic. Our attempt is aimed at shedding light on this topic through different perspectives on the magazine business. Interesting statistics from the year 2010 point to a continued zeal and surge in the magazine business. Sample this: according to Samir Husni, who is the director of the Magazine Innovation center at The University of Mississippi, 68 new magazines were introduced in July 2010 (Brownberger 2010). The previous year, July 2009 saw the launch of 58 new titles. It appears that the industry is actually growing. Also one cannot go by merely launch figures. In the waiting rooms of executives, physicians, businessmen and politicians, several people routinely flip through a wide assortment of magazines as they wait for their appointments. There is hardly any statistics pertaining to the kind of readership prevalent in such situations. Another perspective on the same argument is the transfer of the medium of publishing. According to a research report released by mediaIDEAS, the revenues from the digital medium are likely to overtake that of the print media (BoSacks 2010). The report’s Author David Renard states that digital products would contribute a larger share of the revenue within a decade. ...
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