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RUNNING HEAD: THINGS FALL APART AND A FAR CRY FROM AFRICA 1 Comparison of the Form and Style in Things Fall Apart and A Far Cry from Africa Author Note Name, Department, University, Correspondence address. THINGS FALL APART AND A FAR CRY FROM AFRICA 2 Things Fall Apart and A Far Cry From Africa There is a theme of a consciousness of belonging to a race and the violence that is associated with it in Chinua Achebe’s path-breaking novel, Things Fall Apart and in Derek Walcott’s moving poem, A Far Cry From Africa.


While talking of race differences in their works, they are critical of the western colonizers for their economic policies, but occupy a space that is not entirely divorced from the western education that they have received. As a result their discussion of racial differences is extremely nuanced and complex. They however, have various differences in their tone and style, something that can be attributed to the differences in the historical and geographical context in which these writers produced their work. This paper shall attempt not only a historicist and new historicist mode of analysis, but shall seek to combine it with an analysis of the forms that the writers in question employ in their works of art. Things Fall Apart was one of the first few novels that explored the role of the colonizers in the changes that came in African society. There have been many works of art that have followed this work in the tradition of post-colonial works of art that critique the role of the coloniser. ...
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