Comparing Rhetoric Styles of Kennedy and Clinton

Comparing Rhetoric Styles of Kennedy and Clinton Essay example
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Name of author: Comparing Rhetoric Styles of Kennedy and Clinton Even greatest orators often face rhetoric problems while addressing public meetings. In fact the smartest speakers often fell in trouble because of the momentary lapse of concentration in using words or topics in public meetings.


They will never give the opportunity to the listeners to realize their dilemma or unexpected problems during their speeches. John F Kennedy and Bill Clinton were not only the greatest leaders of American politics in the twentieth century, but they were two of greatest American orators also. These two prominent leaders faced many rhetorical problems during their public meetings. This paper compares similar rhetorical problems faced by Clinton during his addressing in the 1992 American Legion Convention and Kennedy during his speeches to the Houston Ministerial Association in 1960. During his election campaign speech on September 12th, 1960, John F. Kennedy addressed Houston Ministerial Association which consists of ministers from the protestant community. Kennedy himself was a firm Roman Catholic believer and he forced to speak about his stands on religion. Because of the increasing conflicts between the Protestants and Roman Catholics, the Houston Ministerial Association members were curious to know what Kennedy says about religion or the beliefs of Protestants and Roman Catholics. In other words, Kennedy was forced to solve the problem; how to uphold his religious belief without causing any insults to the protestants. Same way Bill Clinton also faced same type of dilemma during his speech in the 1992 American Legion Convention. ...
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