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The meaning and purpose of life has proven to be very complicated for some philosophers, as well as easy for others to comprehend and incorporate within their thought processes.


Right from Aristotle to Kant, questions regarding the human function and highest good have been attempted to be answered with a view to pass it down to the generations of people that give a thought to this very question again and again throughout the course of their lives. Susan Wolf is one such notable author who has penned down her thoughts regarding the subjectivity of life and its meaning. In her renowned book, ‘The Meaning of Life’, she writes, “meaning arises when subjective attraction meets objective attractiveness.” This paper helps to provide an analysis into her work and how she has attempted to answer the fundamental question of living with the help of her theories and knowledge. A ‘Meaning’ is an attempt to clarify and understand something with respect to something else. The meaning of life on the other hand is the process of understanding what a person wants when he talks about his life. It helps to unearth questions regarding what a person demands from his life and the ideal kind of life that he wants to live, as well as how he desires to achieve the same. (2007) Wolf talks not about the meaning of life, but of the meaning ‘in’ a person’s life. ...
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