Social Penetration Theory of Irwin Altman & Dalmas Taylor

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Abstract In today’s modern technological age, new forms of communication have arisen. Cyberspace, as life on the Internet is known, is full of different Social Media platforms that people ranging from young adolescents to the elderly participate in. While interacting with each other, they form relationships with people they would never have come into contact with.


Similar to Altman and Taylor’s Social Penetration Theory of exposing more of themselves as levels of intimacy grew over time and interaction, the study of the Taiwanese adolescents indicated some similar patterns but some differences as well. As in the case of the popular onion peel model, the group comprised of males and females primarily teenagers, stated that they did engage more fully with members of the opposite sex as time progressed. Thus, as is the case where people go from revealing basic information to more and more personal information about themselves as they share degrees of companionship, so did the adolescents involved in the test. The results were comparable in real life to the Social Penetration Model. The results differed though with female participants compared to their male counterparts in cyberspace. The males progressed gradually, increasing as time and nature of the relationship grew. The females however, at first establishing a guarded level of self disclosure, gradually revealed more about themselves but then once again became more guarded when the relationship became that of a romantic or sexual one. ...
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