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Analysis of my Communication Skills

In an organization, an individual is supposed to frequently read emails and reply to them right there and then. Besides, the mobile set is one of the most basic essentials of an employee or a businessman in the contemporary age because it is used throughout the day in order to coordinate with the boss or colleagues regarding the process of work. Hence, it is extremely important for everybody to have sufficiently fair communication skills so that he/she may understand other’s message in true meanings and respond to it accordingly. In order for an individual to be expert at communication, it is imperative that he/she displays good competence in each and every aspect of the communication process. In addition to that, the individual must be comfortable using the various means of non-verbal communication that are in place today. For this assignment, I analyzed my communication skills by means of an online communication quiz that is directed at assessing my competence in each and every aspect of the verbal as well as non-verbal communication. It was a fifteen statement communication quiz that took me about ten minutes to complete. ...
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Assessment of my communication skills Communication skills are some of the most fundamental skills needed to excel in an organization in the contemporary age. Communication occurs between two or more than two people simultaneously. It is a process whereby they convey their ideas, opinions and beliefs to one another either verbally or else, using some means of non-verbal communication like email or text message…
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