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In the current real world that fully recognizes right or entitlement to dues of acquiring income or payment in exchange of an independent job based solely on good potentials, ‘Cash for Comment’ should sound like every much sought-after opportunity beyond ethical conduct or moral claim.


Equivalently, this is to imply that given liberty of serving personal growth and interests alone without stepping over similar rights of other individuals, one may take pride in earning bucks filthy enough by the quantity and act to the extent of breaching terms of integrity. It is as if the condition imposed by the latter must be absent and related criticisms be relieved of for ‘Cash for Comment’ to prove its state of affairs blameless among involved parties, say of journalists primarily, who could be gaining mass after mass of wealth if allowed the entire freedom from elements of guilt with deliberate immodest advances.
This, however, is never the case for the 1999 scandal in the field of mass communication which itself introduced the label phrase ‘Cash for Comment’ through major personalities known to have gone into certain wicked ways running counter to the intended course of noble and responsible journalism. To recall prominent names as John Laws, Alan Jones, 2UE, and the Australian Bankers’ Association is to likewise give key ideas that would in brief concretize depiction of the ‘Cash for Comment’ incident.
In particular, the event marked the turning point in history of an industry for which heightened skepticisms were raised following ABC’s Media Watch program exposé in July 1999. ...
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