Celebrity in contemporary America. Essay example
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It depends on the individual interest whom to portray as an ideal. Some like the sports stars who bring name and fame to the nation, others could be fond of writers like Shakespeare while majority of the crowd is highly influenced by the actors and singers- the performers.


They institute them gorgeous, eye-catching and love to see them on screen or if anyhow they get an opportunity they would like to see their live performances, have an autograph and thus they are highly infatuated with them.
It is a mob psychology to follow these celebrities, as most of the people do not know actually know much about them but they have to keep pace with the trend and hence they are keep a track of their favorite celebrities through media, magazines, internet, discuss about them, their personal life in gatherings.
People like to discuss about their lifestyle, romance and fashion and here media plays a crucial role in publicizing the personal life of the celebrity. Media in this manner try to seek the attention of people and hence they also enhance their popularity. Media very well grasp the prevailing psychology of the mob and therefore they advertise about any information or program related with the celebrity and their interview so that people watch their show and in turn the channel gains fame along with the celebrity.
However, does everyone know what a celebrity is? Indeed, the public just know what kind of people they call celebrities through the media. This paper will closely demonstrate the definition of celebrity using the example of one of celebrities, Britney Spears. Britney has become a celebrity at a very early age, released numerous hit songs. The present article highlights the making of Britney, how has she become a celebrity.
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