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Situation analysis-Public Relations Situation analysis is the first step or part of any successful activity or project for example public relations (PR) and the development of a strategic market plan. By definition, public relations is management of communication between a firm or an organization and its key publics in an effort to manage, build and sustain a positive image.


According to Ravazzani (2006), every public relations department should be able to deliver messages that are more effective in enhancing the understanding and relationship between an organization and its publics and increasing attraction and retention of employees. The messages passed should also cultivate and enhance dialogue, improve the corporate reputation of the organisation and expand its market in diverse sections of stakeholder publics. Grunig and Ehling (1992) state that the identification of the target audience is a fundamental technique that is highly utilised in public relations. This will allows public relations professionals or department to come up with organisational messages that are purposely tailored to appeal to this audience and market the organisation while improving its reputation. The audience can be local, nationwide or global. ...
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