A Proposal of Resolution for the Workplace during Negotiations

A Proposal of Resolution for the Workplace during Negotiations  Case Study example
Case Study
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Running Head: CASE STUDY: A PROPOSAL OF RESOLUTION FOR THE WORKPLACE DURING NEGOTIATIONS CASE STUDY: A Proposal of Resolution for the Workplace During Negotiations Name Introduction Conflict is often counterproductive and this aspect is most pronounced when the conflict takes place in the workplace.


A case in issue is the current conflict between the flight attendants of the newly merged United Airlines and Continental Airlines belonging to two unions. As the employee integration is proceeding in the newly merged entity called United, flight attendants belonging to the AFA union, which represented the group in the defunct United Airlines and the flight attendants affiliated with the IAM, the representative union of the group in pre-merger Continental Airlines battle it out at the National Mediation Board by hurling accusations against each other. This runs counter to the very principle of unionizing, whose aim is to present a united front against a much formidable adversary in the person of the employer. This paper looks into the events surrounding the controversy at United involving its divided flight attendants and the instances of failures of communication that triggered it. It also suggests measures that could remedy the deep division between the two warring groups. Case Background In the middle of last year, two of the largest airline companies based in the United States announced a merger creating as a result the world’s biggest airline overtaking all of its closest rivals in both side of the European and North American continents. ...
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