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Name Professor Course Date George Orwell’s 1984: An Analysis The novel 1984 is one of the greatest novels written by George Orwell due to its exploration of the social problems and diseases presented in a fictitious but relatable manner. The main issue tackled by the novel is the destructive effects of totalitarian society.


One is the parallelism of the dangers brought about by the access to warfare technology. In the present era, the 9/11 attack is just one of the detrimental and controlling effects of warfare technology but it can be considered frightening to have correspondence and parallelism to Orwell’s novel since his main objective is to present and to depict a dystopian and highly degraded society. The post war society depicted by Orwell in the novel is similar to the post-9/11 society in the US on the basis of the fear of the public to experience more danger. The trauma caused by the said events made the public susceptible to control under different forms of leadership. In the novel, Orwell depicted the different forms of leadership that can create dystopia. One element of leadership is the oligarchical dictatorship of the Party. The said power can be considered totalitarian in nature since the people have very limited freedom in terms of the different aspects of their life, not only in the society by also in their home. In addition to the rule of the elite Party, the influence and power of Big Brother can be considered to cause the intensified effect of tyranny in the society. ...
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