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Ethical Dilemma Addressed by a Professional Journalist Name Course Instructor’s Name Date Abstract The paper aims to analyze an ethical dilemma that has been addressed by a professional journalist. From the Indiana University School of Journalism website, a report is to be selected which would be the subject of the analysis where the following points are to be addressed: a.


What would have been the effect of a different choice in addressing this ethical decision? d. Are there any relevant laws that influenced the journalist’s decision? If so, what does the law state, and how did it affect the decision? Are there any legal implications to the decision? Ethical Dilemma Addressed by a Professional Journalist Selected Report To comply with the requirements of the analysis of an ethical issue or dilemma, one selected the report entitled “A picture of controversy: Pulitzer photos show diverse editorial standards” written by three authors: Sue O'Brien, Mari Ann Shake and Mark Nolan. The report proffered pertinent issues of controversial photographs published in newspapers or publicly printed broadsheets revealing gross illustrations of people being bludgeoned to death. The ethical dilemma emerged in terms of publishing the photographs deemed to be “too strong, too grisly, too gruesome, even for an inside page” as being disclosed by Sacramento Bee ombudsman Art Nauman, whose paper reportedly did not use any of the photos (O'Brien, Shake, & Nolan, 2011, par. 4). Apparently, these photos make another headline as exceptionally taken shots have won the prestigous Pulitzer Prize for photo journalism. ...
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