Movie Application Paper and Interpersonal Conflict

Movie Application Paper and Interpersonal Conflict Essay example
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Movie Application Paper Name Course Instructor’s Name Date Movie Application Paper Introduction One had the opportunity to watch The Kings’s Speech, the film directed by Tom Hooper and starred Colin Firth (as King George VI), Helena Bonham Carter (as Queen Elizabeth), and Geoffrey Rush (as Lionel Logue), among a host of other prominent actors and actresses.


The main character, King George VI was remarkably played by Colin Firth, who won the Oscar’s Best Actor award in the 83th Academy Awards. The inspirational film presented the tribulations and challenges faced by King George VI, known as Bertie to the royal family. Bertie has been afflicted with a speech stammer, making it tremendously difficult to make a public announcement or speech to the nation. To make matters worse, the expectations posed by his ascendance to the throne were drastically heightened given the power and responsibilities exemplified by including the need to make public announcements and thereby, conquer his fear for public speaking. In this regard, the movie would be used to identify interpersonal conflict by citing relevant situations and linking these to concepts noted in Floyd’s (2009) book entitled Interpersonal Communication: The Whole Story. Interpersonal Conflict Floyd (2009) defined interpersonal conflict as encompassing the following elements or characteristics: manifesting an expressed struggle, occurring between two independent parties, presence of incompatible goals, arising from scarce resources, in conjunction with some form of interference. ...
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