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Race and the Mass Media 1. Introduction It is not difficult to identify how mass media can weaken and marginalize a particular ethnic group which is outlined in the article titled ‘Revealed: How UK media fuelled race prejudice’. Rather it is more of a challenge to understand the concepts of race, marginalization, racial prejudice, and institutional racism.


In this paper, we will discuss the impact of mass media on improving or weakening the relationships between the people belonging to different races. 2. Concept of Race, Marginalization, Racial Prejudice, and Institutional Racism The concept of race is related to the individual differences based on skin color. The concept of race is a social construction according to the sociologists’ view. Sociologists believe that this social construction of race has been because of various social, political, and historical processes. “As a biological concept, race has been largely abandoned, but as a social category, race maintains a power influence on the way we think about one another” (Healey 2010, p. 40). Race of a person provides judgment about his or her nature and characteristics. Racial discrimination is one of the most critical issues related to the concept of race. In every Western and European country including the United Kingdom, the signs of racial discrimination and race based conflicts seem to be on rise. “Racism has become more acceptable among national leaders in media and government than it was a generation ago” (Entman & Rojecki 2001, p. xix). ...
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