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Title of the paper Name Introduction I would like to do an analytical study of THE MICHIGAN DAILY, a student newspaper of the University of Michigan. I have chosen the 6th October 2011 edition for my research on the content types and presentation format of the newspaper.


Primary journalistic beats and comparison with other newspapers The stories covered in the newspaper are mostly issue-centric related to public cause and the role of the politicians in improving the current scenario like “Occupy Ann-Arbor”, “Ann-Arbor City Council Candidates Discuss Public Safety”. It also covered news on some exclusive events and developments in the university campus like “Hundreds of E-mails Spam Students on U List serve”. The theme of the newspaper seems to have ample material to grab the interest of the readers. In comparison, another student newspaper THE DAILY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON mainly focused on stories related to the university campus like “Campus Watch: Guns on College Campuses…”, “A Catwalk to Education”. The difference between the two is in their unique style of presentation and layout. THE MICHIGAN DAILY seems to have two segments of stories. The ones related to Ann-Arbor community are thematic as they are issue based and the others about the campus are episodic as they are event based. But the other daily covers stories that primarily revolve around information about the university activities. ...
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