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The Manson Murders

He got to know Mary Brunner, a 23-year-old graduate of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and moved in with her. He made her agree to his bringing other women to her resident and soon they were sharing her residence with 18 other women. Manson established himself as a guru in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury which was emerging as the signature hippie locale in 1967’s Summer of Love. He had many followers who travelled with him in an old school bus which they had re-wrought in hippie style. They travelled as far north as Washington state, then southward through Los Angeles, Mexico, and the southwest. They picked up many other proponents of their beliefs who joined their group from all over the places that they had travelled. The group is known as the Manson family. In the late spring of 1968, Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys picked up two hitch-hiking girls of the Manson Family. This resulted in his meeting with Charles Manson. The two became well acquainted soon and Wilson allowed him to stay at his house in Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, with his “family”. Wilson paid $100000 that was accrued to him due to the family. He also paid for Manson’s recording sessions and introduced him to Gregg Jakobson, Terry Melcher, and Rudi Altobelli. Rudi Altobelli owned a house that he soon rented to actress Sharon Tate and her husband, director Roman Polanski. ...
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The Manson Murders By Your Name Class Name University Name Due Date Charles Manson was born on 12 November 1934. He had a history of committing crimes ranging from petty thefts to burglaries at various stores and gas stations during his childhood…
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