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Online v/s Traditional Education Developments in high-speed internet and computer technology contain boundless promise for changing human life. This promise includes fundamental changes to the way we educate our children, our young adults, and even working people looking to gain new skills.


These enhancements to education are clear benefits to their recipients, and the adoption of technology in the classroom (or even complete replacement of the classroom) poses questions for the future. The internet has revolutionized the educational system with online classes becoming popular among students. With options of time management, personal attention and activities, students are more inclined to experience the college atmosphere. Technology results in changing perspectives of the functions of education at a very fundamental level. On one level, it empowers students to take charge of their learning by combining a fascination with the novel and unfamiliar and a need to know. On another level, technology increases media richness. Rather than reading text from a textbook, students are able to research the content on the internet, perhaps watch a video clip about the topic, and engage a topic in a richer way. This topic of introducing technology in a classroom, of course, has immediate relevance to the need for technological adeptness in a competitive business environment. Increasingly, companies rely on a higher quality workforce to deal with the challenges and opportunities posed by technological advancements. ...
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