Disagreeing That Reality Tv is Good for Us

Disagreeing That Reality Tv is Good for Us Essay example
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Reality Television “Why Reality TV is good for us” James Poniewozik states that reality TV is advantageous for us. In this case, the author can be observed as being highly sarcastic. This is because the title and the actual contents of the text do not relate in any way.


The author shows that there is certainly no space for reality television and all its effects on the general television viewing. This is because the majority of the feelings that are expressed in these programs do not have any positive effects on the general well being of individuals watching them. The author’s main topic revolves around the advent of reality television. He is quoted saying “Isn’t there something simply wrong with people who enjoy entertainment that depends on ordinary people getting their heart broken, being told they can not sing or getting played for fools” (Poniewozik 1). This is with deep concentration on the negative impact that reality television has so many people in society. He classifies reality shows among the worst examples mundane creations that have no standing in society. He gives very many examples of reality shows that have had no impact on the general viewing of television watchers. He categorizes some as most watched because of the absurdity in which they highlight and emphasize their main points. The author observes that everything about reality television is a cliche. There is nothing real about reality television. This is one thing that strikes a chord in any person reading the text. ...
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