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Journalism, Mass Media and Communication By Your Name Class Name Instructor’s Name University Name Due Date Communication is one of the basic requirements of human beings. Man has progressed a great deal and as he continues to evolve, the process of improvement and innovation of communication has also been incessant.


The “change of scale” can be understood by the fact that a quick medium of communication can deliver more messages in a given time than a slower one. Therefore, the magnitude or the scale of communication becomes bigger when a quicker medium is introduced. A bigger scale of communications makes the scale of human affairs naturally since a quicker medium prevents waste of time which can now be used for other affairs. Telephones enable a person to communicate with a distant recipient in very quick manner that a letter. The pace of communication has increased and the “pace” of human life has also increased. For instance, a process that can only be initiated by the approval of a certain authority can now begin as soon as the approval is made. A slower medium of communication would keep the approval in transit for a longer time and hence the initiation. A quick medium paces up the life style of human beings. A new and fast medium surely brings change in the “pattern” of human life. The availability of cell phones enables people to stay in contact with each other almost all the time. Parents feel safe to send their children to places where they would have never sent them if there were no cell phones. Similarly, the pattern of life has been molded to a great degree by the introduction of cell phones. ...
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