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In that regard, this paper aims at explaining an ongoing controversy regarding the freedom of expression and the First Amendment in terms of news media on music and censorship and internet censorship, the argument being whether censorship is essential in maintaining moral standards. It will also identify government and repressive laws and abuses of freedom of expression. Additionally, it will also shed some light on the background of the issue, some opinions about it and a legal case on Madison’s description of press and speech clauses, which was introduced in the House of Representatives. He argued that,” the people shall not be abridged their right to publish their sentiments, write, speak, freedom of the press, which is one of the greatest protection of liberty, shall be unbreakable” The First Amendment claims that the congress shall not make any laws in terms of respecting any religion as well as abridging the freedom of the press or speech; or the right of people to assemble in peace and appeal to the government to rectify grievances. The Supreme Court applied the law in incorporating the principle of the freedom of speech, in which this decision applied the freedom of speech first amendment to federal and state laws. ...
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CSU Sacramento Instructor name: Unit Name: Introduction In United States, freedom of speech is protected by the First Amendment to its Constitution and other federal laws and states constitutions, with an exception of defamation, fighting words, and obscenity as well as copyright, privileged communications, and commercial speech among others (Choper, 2008)…
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