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Student’s name: Professor’s name: Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Influence of Fashion/Fitness Magazine By critically exploring the history of cultures and civilization of the world at large, it becomes crystal clear that humans have always been the slaves of latest fashion, has been in vogue in their social surroundings.


Although the phenomenon captures the attention of the people in respect of adopting hair cut, make up, and decoration like brooch, earrings, nose-pin, bangles, bracelets etc on the one hand, and in respect of keeping mobile-phone sets, I-pods, computers, motor vehicles, and hundreds of home appliances, crockery and other things on the other, yet fashion is not confined to the selection of appearance and attire only. On the contrary, it encompasses long list of the activities, attitude and behavior observed and exercised by the individuals en masse. Consequently, the ways of maintaining health and fitness, travelling and dwelling, and professional obligations and recreation and amusement—all come under the vast fold of fashion, escaping of which is hard nut to crack. “Fashion is the ever-changing pattern of consumer tastes, driven by a wide range of random events. Events such as war, a shift in house prices, the introduction of a new technology, or the emergence of a new musical sound, can influence the consumer taste curve.” (Drury & Lewis, 2005) Technological advancement has also added its share in respect of popularizing fashion trends. ...
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