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Analysis 1 Wertz, Emma, Sora Kim. 2010. “Cultural Issues in Communication: A Comparative Study of Messages Chosen by South Korean and US Print Media.” Journal of Communication Management 14 (1). Abstract The abstract presented in this article is strong in defining the ideology of public relations and how this relates to crisis messages.


However, the design and findings is not as strong in the abstract because of the lack of detail, making the main point vague. Background The background is defined specifically with two crises’ that led to the investigation. This allows the reader to understand what the research is about and why it is important to portray. Creating this basis with the latest outbreaks makes it easier for the reader to understand the importance of communication during a crisis and why this is important to convey to the public. This is combined with statistics, referencing and case studies that create a clear and simplistic understanding of why the research study is important. Literature Review The literature review begins with theoretical implications that relate to communication and how this builds with a crisis. This then links to the case studies that are used in the background and leads into theoretical frameworks to imply the importance of crisis communication. The ideology is furthered with Coomb’s crisis response strategies and Hofstede’s cultural dimensions as well as media framing. The strength of this section is with using the theoretical framework as the main ideology for the case studies. ...
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