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Using Social Media in the Middle East

However, the main audience was alienated by the youth on the street, in terms of often spilled, North Africa and lifeblood. The rebellion of the youth spread far beyond Egypt and Tunisia in order to enflame the whole region. The combination of offline and online strategies and other additional tactics that the organization used helped in bringing political revolution. Pollock explains that Takriz began as a tiny cyber which proclaimed itself as self-described tank (15 -24). It had thousands of networks that cooperated with journalists and as a result guarded their anonymity. Since Takriz was an elusive word, it came from street slang, which means frustration due to anger or breaking balls. Additionally, Foetus is an MBA consultant of technology who knows many languages and plays off his friend Waterman who is gifted in writing. Ben Ali’s removal made the group believe that Tunisia’s government is cut from the same cloth as the predecessor who was corrupt. It also talks about the situation being similar in Egypt, whereby the Egypt activists are cautious of the supreme council where the Armed Forces replaced Mubarak Hosni. North Africa and Middle East are elderly regimes who are unwilling to leave power as well as unable to satisfy the economic and political demands of the bulge demographic youth. ...
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Using social media in Middle East
The article, “How Egyptian and Tunisian Youth Hacked the Arab Spring”, by Pollock talks about street revolutions which overthrew the presidents of Tunisia and Egypt in February and January…
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