The Fake Democratic Impact of the Social Media Web Sites

The Fake Democratic Impact of the Social Media Web Sites  Research Paper example
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[Student’s Name] [Instructor’s Name] [Course name and code] 18 October 2011. The Fake Democratic Impact of the Social Media Websites The contemporary age is characterized by internet. Internet has become a fundamental necessity of the people all over the world.


The contemporary society is controlled by numerous functions of the internet including Wikipedia, youtube and blogging in general and the social networking in particular. Nevertheless, just like any inventor projects personal ideology through the invention, social media websites have also played a biased role in the promotion of awareness. Social media websites have played a negative role through the spread anarchy across the world in the name of democracy by projecting the views of the controlling agencies. US has conventionally played a central role in the spread of social media websites as the forums of discussion for the spread of democracy both within US and in several other countries particularly in the Asia and the Middle East. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its Article 19 allows every individual a right “to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers” (Posner cited in Philadelphia News). This has primarily been achieved by use of the mobile technology and the social media websites. In a vast majority of cases, the exchange of opinions in the social media websites has flared up the notions of anarchy amongst the users. Twitter was frequently used by the democracy activists in Iran to schedule the strikes. ...
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