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Essay example - The World Film Joural

The World Film Joural Essay example
Journalism & Communication
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Name: Course: Class: Tutor: Date: Head-On 2004 Synopsis Head-On is a movie produced by Fatih Akin, a Turkish German director. It is a representation of mixed cultures and tries to show an existing conflict. The main actor is a Turkish German, Birol Unel acting under the name Cahit Tomruk, who is in his forties…

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While there, he meets another troubled soul, Sibel Guner whose real name is Sibel Kekili, who also happens to be Turkish German and had tried to commit suicide. Sibel has a family who won’t allow her any piece of mind. She got herself a broken nose from her brother for holding hands with a boy and the entire family is getting into her neck for violating the strict family rules. Determined to break away from the strict rules imposed by her conservative family, she approaches Cahit to engage her in a marriage of convenience. She assures him that the marriage will only be a formality and they will only live as roommates with independent sex lives. Cahit is reluctant but finally agrees to the arrangement, seeing it as a new beginning for his messed-up life. The marriage takes off but Sibel continues with her one-night stands while Cahit continues to have an affair with a hair stylist, Maren. The turn of events changed dramatically as the two started to care of one another and finally falling in love. This outcome led Cahit to kill one of Sibel’s former lovers out of rage, an action that lands him in jail. During the period that he was in jail, Sibel decides to run away from her family and heads to Istanbul where her divorced cousin, Selma operates a hotel. ...
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