Is Media Power Increasing or Decreasing?

Is Media Power Increasing or Decreasing? Essay example
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Is Media Power Increasing or Decreasing? Discussion Based on Gender Portrayal in Hip Hop and Race Portrayal in News Introduction According to Hibbert (2006, p. 4), the media occupies a central position in very many issues in life, standing between people and the world.


With the traditional position of the media as an immensely powerful object in the society appreciated and accepted, an issue arises on whether such power is increasing or decreasing. As people gravitate towards liberalism and independence, the influence that the media has on society is now in question. The study aims to establish whether the media power is increasing or decreasing. The selected strategy to do this is through an analysis of hegemonic discourses of gender and race through the use of two media examples. These are the genre of hip hop and the film. The guiding thesis for this study is that the power of the media is still increasing albeit not always along the traditional ways. Hegemonic Discourses of Gender in Hip Hop Hegemony in gender usually follows a pattern in which men indirectly dominate women in society. Through discourses perpetrated through various ways especially in the media, such positions appear ingrained in the society and unquestionable. Douglas (2006, pp. 13-20) explores the issue of hegemony arguing that there is meaning, context and representation of various sociological aspects with most of these being used to perpetrate hegemony. Dyer (in Durham and Kellner 2006, p. 353) discusses the establishment of stereotypes in detail and explains that stereotypic images portrayed in media forms are widely believed and agreed upon as being right. As Douglas (2006, p. ...
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