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Name Subject Professor Social Media In 1624, John Donne, an English poet wrote the following words, “No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” (Poemhunter.com). Raspa (1) maintains that this particular line in the poem entitled, ‘Devotions upon Emergent Occasions,’ emphasizes the interconnectedness of the lives of all human beings.


As such, men are expected to seek ways to constantly build bridges to his fellows and establish relationships amongst the community in which he lives in. The inherent attribute of human beings as social animals has been the primary cause and motive for the establishment of collective groups and communal cliques. Following this instinctive movement to formulate key groups, society has then evolved from one form to another. Roy Posner (1), identified four key stages in the development of communities. These are: (1) the physical stage; (2) the vital stage; (3) mental stage; and, (4) the spiritual stage. The first stage is described by Posner (1) as being characterized by the primitive yearnings of mankind where only survival and personal existence were the key motivations of human action. Additionally, all aspects of the environment were perceived as threats due to the relative untrained and primordial perception and capacity of the early inhabitants. In the first stage, the social consciousness of the people was centered on the tribe as the singular commune existing in their periphery. Posner (1) maintained that during the early times, thinking outside the delimitations set by the tribal unit, practice and tradition is akin to modern-day treason. ...
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