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Technology and its Backlashes

Russell and Bone further stated that modern technology, although sometimes not the direct cause of the impending eradication of humanity, is definitely the means that humans will use in pushing their causes that will ultimately end the existence of man (24). The earth, as humans know it today, has been much influenced by numerous scientific inventions (Haven 109). The influence that science has over man’s social lives, infrastructures, tools, food, and many others is a solid evidence of the veracity of this statement. For example, fossil fuel and computer technology are part of the world’s daily existence (Haven 135). Fossil fuel is necessary in water purification process, communication, manufacturing industry, electricity, road construction, food processing, and other things necessary for the regular flow of daily living (Haven 137 and Milne 36). Subsequently, computer technology is essential not only in the above-mentioned processes, but also in other areas of human lives, like social or work aspects (Milne 43). Since fossil fuel and computer technology are examples of science, it is thus not an exaggeration to suppose that humankind is highly likely dependent on the advances of today’s technology. ...
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Name Professor Class Date Science in Human Existence: A Curse in Disguise? Thomas Love Peacock once stated that science will eradicate human race (Mulvihill 314). Peacock displayed ideas that were obviously advanced for his era as he bravely predicted the debilitating future in store for humanity even before global warming, technology-caused catastrophes, world wars, and modern day diseases plagued the planet (Mulvihill 315)…
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